Every country becomes strong only when there is awareness among the people living in it.

 The future of the country is always in the hands of the people.

You must be thinking that the future of the country is always in the leaders of our country, it is not that the future of the country is always in the countrymen, they can make the country the way they want. If the countrymen understand the value of their vote, then vote for an intelligent and good leader, only then they can develop their country. If you do not use your vote properly as a citizen then you are not a sensible citizen.

Always give your vote to the leader who talks about the country and development. Always every country is strong only when good education is available in it because when you get good education then only you will know about your rights. When you are educated, you know what you want, unless you are educated, anyone can fool you, but when you are educated, you start understanding things.

That's why whenever you vote for any leader, think carefully, are you not spoiling your vote, are you not giving voice to such a leader who is spoiling the future of your country and the future of your children.